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PATTERN - Eyed Crown Plush

PATTERN - Eyed Crown Plush

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Keep an eye on your loyal subjects with your own eyed crown!

The download provided with purchase includes:
- Both A4 and Letter sizing formats for accurately sized printing world wide
- High quality pattern to print
- Extremely detailed instructions with pictures

If printed correctly, this pattern will make a crown approximately 21.5cm (8.5") tall. The crown is hollow in the centre.

If you have an embroidery machine and would like to use that to applique the eye, you can find our embroidery file for that HERE

Materials needed:
- Material to make your crown from
- 1cm - 1.5cm (0.4" - 0.6") thick pliable foam sheet - other materials may be used for this but is not covered in the instructions
- Sticky tape (to stick the pattern together!)
- Glue of some kind (hot glue will do)

Main equipment needed:
- Sewing machine (optional)
- Sewing needle and thread
- Scissors
- Fabric marker and/or tailors chalk
- Pins and/or magic clips

If you enjoy making this eyed crown, please let people know and encourage others to purchase these files as well so that they can make their own!

Returns cannot be accepted as purchasing these files grants you immediate access to them.

If you have any issues with this pattern please don't hesitate to reach out!

** These files and the designs within are copyright of Skunky Designs. These files may be used for personal products and individuals may sell items made from these files so long as Skunky Designs is credited in all posts relating to any item created from them. If products are sold in person or online where a post is not made, due effort should be made to credit Skunky Designs. These files may be edited so long as Skunky Designs is credited for the original base pattern you worked off. These files and resulting products are NOT for commercial use. You may not resell or share these files, even if they have been altered.**

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