General Info 

  • Throughout this TOS document, the term “you” will be used to directly refer to “the commissioner”. 
  • The Terms and Conditions outlined in this TOS are subject to change and will always apply to your commission. 
  • Any decisions made and agreed upon by both parties in regards to your commission are binding. 
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to commission Skunky Designs. 
  • Upon receiving your quote, you will also be provided with a rough time frame (eg; between January and March) on when your commission may be started, and what is required for those times to be accurate. If you’re happy with your quote and start time, you may opt to be put on a waiting list, or discuss payment plans. 
  • Rush orders and strict deadlines are generally refused. This is to ensure that more time can be taken on your commission if it is needed so that you receive the best quality product that can be provided. If on the rare chance that a rush order or deadline is accepted, you will be charged extra fees. 
  • If you are on the commissions waiting list, and your turn arrives, you will receive a message informing you of such. This will generally be around a month before work starts to allow for materials to be ordered. If it has been more than 3 months since receiving your quote you will also receive a revised quote if the price of your commission has changed. If you do not respond to this within 48 hours your spot will be forfeited to the next person on the list. If you miss 3 openings to your slot in a row, you will be removed from the waiting list entirely. 
  • If your slot on the waitlist comes sooner than expected and you are not prepared to accept the commission yet, you may opt to let someone else in front of you without losing your spot. Please be realistic about how close you are to accepting your slot as multiple passes on a slot may have you moved much further down the list or removed entirely. 
  • Those on payment plans will be placed into the queue as their commissions are paid off. Materials will be ordered before your payment plan comes to an end. 
  • Throughout the commissioning process, communication is important! You will be sent WIPS where possible, but you will also be asked for your input at some key stages. If you don’t respond to these messages in a timely manner then your commission may take longer, be pushed back, put on hold, or even cancelled. 
  • Skunky Designs is not liable for any damages to persons, possessions, or places while our commissions or products are in use. 
  • Any changes to a design during any part of the commissioning process may incur extra fees. How much these fees are will be up to the discretion of Skunky Designs. Skunky Designs reserves the right to deny changes. 

Reference Sheets 

  • For an accurate quote, please try to provide a fursuit friendly reference sheet. There are many artists that offer these. I would be happy to recommend artists that can provide one! 
  • If you have received a quote, but you do not have a fursuit friendly reference sheet, it may be requested that you acquire one. If markings change due to this it may alter your quote. If it has been requested that you acquire a fursuit friendly reference sheet, and your commission slot arrives before you have one, you may forfeit your slot on the waiting list.  
  • A minimum of a front and back view of your character is required. More views are greatly appreciated though, especially when there are markings that span the side/s of your character. Side views will be requested if required. 
  • Text based descriptions of your character, or text-based alterations to a provided reference sheet WILL NOT be accepted.  
  • Please understand that some marking types do not transfer well to fur and this may also result in some markings being omitted on a commission. You will be warned where possible if this will happen on your commission.  

Quotes and Payment 

  • All quotes are in AUD. 
  • Quotes are only valid for 3 months after the date that they are given. This may be waived for those with payment plans. 
  • Payments must be paid in full upon the arrival of your slot in the waiting list, or via payment plan, in which case your commission will be slotted in once your commission is fully paid. Payment plans will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, but no payment plan will go on longer than 6 months. 
  • Depending on the type of commission, you may be invoiced via the Skunky Designs website which allows for payment via debit/credit card, Paypal, and Afterpay. If this is not suitable for your type of commission, you will be invoiced via Paypal. Australian citizens may also opt to pay via direct deposit/bank transfer. 
  • Payment plan times MUST be adhered to, and payments may not be made in lesser amounts than what has been agreed to. For instance, if you are meant to pay $500 a fortnight, you must pay $500 a fortnight. Not $250 per week. If your fortnightly payment arrives and you wish to pay more, you are welcome to do so, but you may not pay less than $500 even if you are ahead on payments. 
  • While we understand that life is unpredictable, non-adherence to payment dates and amounts, multiple missed payments, and/or lack of contact mean that your commission may be cancelled. Leeway will be given where possible when discussed, but please do not try to abuse that kindness. Please refer to the refund policy section for what will happen in this instance. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

  • If you have concerns about your commission, please contact us to discuss it and your options before requesting a refund. A solution can generally be found in a stress free manner! 
  • If your commission is cancelled for any reason after payments have been made, you may be eligible for a refund, but it will be up to the discretion of Skunky Designs. Your refund will be determined based on multiple factors including, but not limited to: 
  • Amount paid to date 
  • Materials ordered 
  • Amount of work undertaken 
  • 15% of your commission total will always be non-refundable. If you are making payments via a payment plan, any payment made up to 15% of the total will also be non-refundable. This is to cover the amount of admin time required to start a commission. 
  • Once any materials have been ordered for your commission, the non-refundable amount for cancelled commissions is 30%. If you are making payments via a payment plan, any payment made up to 30% of the total will also be non-refundable. 
  • When work commences on your suit, the refundable amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis taking all of the factors above into account. 
  • Once your commission reaches a certain level of completion (between 50% and 60% completion, as determined by Skunky Designs), you will not be given any refund for cancelled commissions. 
  • Skunky Designs reserves the right to cancel any commission at any point of completion. Grounds for termination of a commission by Skunky Designs include, but are not limited to, rude, inconsiderate, abusive or unbecoming behaviour, harassment, slanderous comments, or proof from others that you may be a problematic person (eg; racist, sexist, etc).  
  • If a commission is cancelled for any reason, you are not automatically entitled to any item/s worked on whilst your commission was active whether fully complete or not. Where item/s have been worked on, Skunky Designs will take into consideration the situation causing the commission to be cancelled, the level of completion on item/s and several other factors to determine whether or not you will have any part of the commission sent to you. If item/s are to be sent to you, you will be required to pay postage or have the postage costs deducted from any available refund. Skunky Designs also reserves the right to complete and sell on any item/s not sent to you.  Alterations to character design will be made as necessary in this situation. 


  • Shipping will be calculated, and charged, once your commission is completed. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE QUOTE. 
  • Shipping costs will always be paid for by the commissioner. 
  • All commissions are shipped from Australia, for all international customers, please understand that this means your shipping costs will be more expensive.  
  • Shipment tracking is provided free of charge, however signature on delivery and insurance are available at the customer’s expense and request. 
  • Once a commission leaves Skunky Designs’ possession, we hold no liability for any costs incurred due to item/s lost or damaged in transit. For this reason, it is recommended that customers opt in to extra insurance on their items. 

Allergy Warning 

  • All items are made in an environment where a dog lives. All efforts are made so that the dog never physically touches any items being made, but she is allowed in the room where items are made while they’re being worked on. As such, if you have an extremely severe dog allergy, it is not recommended that you commission Skunky Designs. 
  • None of the fabric materials used in the construction of commissions are washed either before or after an item is made. This is purely because many people have allergies to detergents, staff members included. We are currently unable to consistently handwash materials, and lack a suitable washing machine to wash them without damaging them. It is recommended that, while it is safe to wear and/or use your item/s the moment that it arrives, you should wash items eventually. Any body suits, or hand paws, also need to be washed to remove any markings from the creation process to avoid them transferring onto your skin. 
  • If you have allergies to certain fabrics, you need to make that known during the quoting process.  
  • Skunky Designs cannot be held accountable for any allergic reactions to commissions. 

Commission Updates, WIP Pictures, Stream Info, and Social Media 

  • When progress is made on your commission, you will receive WIPS where appropriate.  
  • You may request updates as you wish, but please understand that if you ask frequently, you likely won’t see anything new.  
  • Your commissioned item/s are likely to be made during live streams on Twitch. You are heavily encouraged to be there for the process to provide quick feedback where needed. If you wish for your suit not to be made during streams, you need to make this clear during the quoting process. It may also incur extra fees.  
  • If you wish for your suit to be kept a secret until you have received/debuted it, you must make this clear during the quoting process. It may also incur extra fees. 
  • Skunky Designs reserves the right to post or use any photos taken of commissions in any way that we see fit. This includes and is not limited to use in social media posts, merchandise, and on our website. 

Suit Sizing and “Do I need to make a Duct Tape Dummy? (DTD)” 

  • When your commission date is approaching, you will be requested to provide some measurements. How many you’re asked to provide will depend on your commission type. 
  • Skunky Designs holds no responsibility for any ill-fitting commissions. We work off your measurements. If it's not fitting correctly, the wrong measurements have been given. 
  • If you are commissioning a body suit, you will need to supply a Duct Tape Dummy. The instructions for this will be supplied as needed. 
  • If a DTD arrives warped, shrunken or mis-shaped, or not holding together well enough to be accurate, the customer will be informed and asked to provide a more accurate one. If the customer refuses, the current one will be used. If the suit is ill fitting, Skunky Designs cannot be held accountable. 
  • Please remember that if you provide measurements and during the time it takes to create the commission, your body shape changes, that is not the fault of Skunky Designs. If you notice any changes in your body shape after providing a DTD or measurements, you NEED to let us know. We can work around this to make something that will fit, you’ll just need to send some extra measurements! 

Warranty and Repairs 

  • All commissions and products have a 7-Day Warranty that starts once the product is received by the customer. This may seem short, but this is because any issues that may arise due to fault during production appear in the first few wears. After that it’s generally due to undue stress (such as being tackled). So, make sure if you commission a fursuit, you try it on when you get it! 
  • This warranty exclusively covers faults of the product from manufacturing (such as seams popping). Damage due to undue stress, misuse or unforeseen situations will not be covered. 
  • In the case of a warranty claim, the product will be repaired free of cost. The customer must pay shipping to Skunky Designs, and once the item/s have been repaired, Skunky Designs will pay to ship the item/s back to the customer. 
  • If an item arrives to be repaired and it is deemed not to be a manufacturing fault, the customer will be charged a minimum of $30 AUD per hour to repair the item, and for return shipping.  
  • Repairs for older products may also be requested at a minimum of $30 AUD per hour, with the customer covering shipping to and from Skunky Designs. 
  • Repairs, alterations or any changes conducted by any persons other than Skunky Designs will void any warranties that may be available.  
  • Any slanderous commentary on social media about any repairs that may be needed will instantly void your warranty. We want to fix something if we’ve made a mistake, but you can’t fix negative exposure before you’ve given us a chance to make it right. We understand receiving an item that isn’t right can be upsetting, but it can be fixed! 
  • Only clean products will be accepted for repairs. If an item arrives soiled or smelling in any way it will void any warranties. Extra cleaning fees may be incurred, or the item may be returned to the customer without repairs or cleaning at the customer’s expense.